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    Our Boston Maids cleaning company can meet all of your janitorial service needs. We have a commercial cleaning service, including office cleaning services, with a skilled team that can get the job done.
    If you're looking for an Airbnb cleaning company in Boston, MA, choose us. Get services from a commercial cleaner like Alzira, who has 25 years of experience, or Priscilla, who specializes in vacuuming.
    Our company is proud to offer special packages, including post-construction cleaning and condominium cleaning services. Contact our Boston cleaning company today at (617) 756-4465.
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Our Services

Commercial cleaning
Commercial Cleaning Company

When it comes to commercial cleaning, it's best to let the professionals take charge. With Boston Maids, you can relax knowing that our trustworthy and skilled staff will take care of the building and leave it looking its best. Contact us today to get your commercial building looking professional and presentable.

Post construction
Post-Construction Cleaning

After a renovation or other construction, there's likely debris and dust left behind in your building. Our Boston, MA cleaning company can take care of any mess left behind, via dusting, vacuuming, wiping down all surfaces and more. Get your building ready to present to the public with a professional post-construction cleaning.

Airbnb cleaning
Airbnb Cleaning Company

If you run an Airbnb rental property, you know that cleaning and refreshing each room and location is one of the hardest parts of keeping things running. With Boston Maids, you can have regularly scheduled professional cleaning services that leave rooms sparkling. We have hard-working staff you can trust, so set up an appointment to keep your Airbnb pristine.

Office cleaning
Office Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning requires a special set of skills and equipment. From carpet cleaning to window cleaning, hiring a cleaning service for your building can make a much better impression on guests and potential customers. Call (617) 756-4465 today to learn more about how we can keep your office clean.

Service Packages

Description Basic Essential Premium
Basic Cleaning y y y
Dusting y y y
Vacuum y y y
Mopping y y y
washing of all reachable surfaces y y y
Wiping All Kitchen Appliances (outside) y y y
Wiping All Cabinets (outside) y y y
Wiping All Wardrobe Doors (outside) y y y
High ceiling fans (Small Ladder Reach) y y y
Removing Cobwebs X y y
Surfaces above arms reach X y y
High ceiling fans (Small Ladder Reach) X y y
Washing Baseboard X y y
Cleaning Interior Doors X X y
Cleaning interior walls X X y
Cleaning inside cabinets and drawers X X y
Cleaning inside the fridge X X y
Cleaning inside the oven X X y
Surfaces above arms reach X X Y
Animal waste / excrement X X Y
Laundry X X Y
Tailored Services
Carpet Cleaning US$ 110 Per Room
Windows Cleaning US$ 14.50 Per Window/Door
Folding Clothes ( 2 people/hourly) US$ 40.00
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